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Harvard Business School Case Study..

 Assalammualaikum and hye guys!how are you?

 on December 14, 2011, Wednesday,2.30pm to 5 p, my section and the other sections had have a group competetition about harvard business school case study. we have been divide into 5 group. 

my group members are;
fatin,chuah,sak wai on,viera,zureen and hajar.

there are given 10 question.
  1. Strategies taken by Symbian,Google,Apple in striving to lead the mobile industry.
  2. Lessons learned from Harvard Bussiness School Case Study
  3. New entry company such as Google & Apple become threat to Symbian company.How?
  4. Discuss the key players in mobile phone industries and how they influence each other.
  5. As the future IT professional,how this case study change your view about your carreer?
  6. What innovations can be introduce in improving mobile phone industries in terms of community uses and work?
  7. Discuss the Symbian's situation based on Porter's 5 Forces model.What are your recommendation?
  8. Analyse  Symbian's situation using SWOT analysis technique.What is your opinion about company situation.
  9. Discuss on key Symbian Excutives(exhibit 3).What is your opinion about them?Give suggestions.
  10. Discuss on the mobile market share based on the statistics given.
 we got question number 2.

Lessons learned from Harvard Bussiness School Case Study

My point is 

 "SYMBIAN should promote itself to the world because not all consumers know what Symbian is.For example.i have my own experience. when i filled a form,there is a 1 question about system. the question is "what types of system are you using right now?" there is 3 box that u should tick. First is Symbian. Second is Android and lastly is other. I tick "other" because i even don't know what type system i using it.

fatin answer:

"I was comparing WiFi & 3G. And what lessons I get from the study.WiFi offered short-range networking ,typically allowing access within a few hundred feet of a network's base .But 3G only can stretching at least several miles .So ,WiFi coverage should be improve and became more reliable ."

Viera answers:

"Symbian should revisit its strategy for deleoping operating systems.They should learned from Apple's tight control over hardware and software.For example,develope apps store for Symbian's users so it can easier them in their daily life."

Sak Wai On answers:

"One of the lessons that I had learned from this case study is about the important of creativity and innovative. What is the actual factor that causes the Apple success in mobile space in a short time?
Nowadays, the most popular hand phone definitely is iPhone. iPhone manufacturer, Apple put a lot of creative function and much better touch screen on their product. User of Apple products also can download many creative applications from Apple store through online. There are many interesting music can be downloaded through iTunes.
Users of mobile products are desire more creative and new product day to day. The creativity of Apple product had been success to fulfill user’s appetite and attract many people to purchase their products. The other competitors become hard to get back the market since the rise of Apple. So, what is the relation of this example with our life?
In term of success, we need always be creative and innovative. We should think differently and have a differently point of view when we do our jobs. It is helpful in our campus life as well as our career life. If we do everything same with others, then we will always just a follower. We should be have a target that is to be a person that followed by others.
The time is gold. I am just simple answer this question with “We need be creative and innovative to success in our life”.

Chuah answers:

After read through the HBS, I think Symbian will dead, Window CE will die,Android will become standard after few years, I phone become a trendy smart phone and last but not least the Blackberry will be around as well but the amount of it, it is not much.
The lesson of this HBS is we need to think different in order to succeed in our life like what I phone 3. You can see the features that got in Nokia N95 in pg15, compared to I phone it is completely different and it come out with few new features like 3.5 inch touch screen, multi-touch and more. This is why I phone so successful.
Then, even you know you are the best but you still need to improve in order to maintain your position. We know that before I phone release, there are only symbian and it make them ego and important things is they never know apple launch an attack (June 2007) on them then their shares already start dropping until now.
The only way that symbian can fight back is need to promote well in a creation that really will shocked them (Apple, Blackberry, Android). Here is a good suggestion, I take it from my lecturer idea, he told us about the PLD(programmable logic device) can transform according to what you need like movie also got transformer, it is something like that. Having good programming skills in this maybe it will create a new era. Off course, this will never happened in 1 or 2 years but I think it will really happen. As people said nothing is impossible, if there is a dream then someday it will realize.
 That's all i can write here. The other my group member's answer are not included because they aren't write yet their answer in their blog.=DD

Thanks for reading my entry.=DD

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